Monday, 2 April 2012

Chapter 1.3

Cherish grew into a lovely teenager, always helping her Mum out with the housework and looking after the girls, and being pregnant again Amelia definitely needed the help! 

Both Harmony & Promise were very good students, and all three of the girls seemed to have inherited Amelia’s brains.
Promise & Harmony at the library - both were honour roll students!
Everyone panic!!! Cherish had a few accidents whilst learning to cook

Cherish came home from school one day to find a very heavily pregnant Amelia slaving over her latest painting, trying to earn enough money to extend the house for the impending birth. “Mum, I’ve been thinking”, she said, “I’ve got to get a part time job to help out; there are already 3 of us and who knows how many babies you’ll have next!” Amelia was very touched by this, and the next day they sat down together & found Cherish a perfect job – a bookseller in the local store. With a bit more money coming in, Amelia decided to take it easy for the last day of her pregnancy – a good thing too, as later that night she went into labour. 

The girls waited eagerly for news of their new sibling and were ecstatic when Amelia announced that there were actually 2 new arrivals – 2 more girls named Breezy and Misty! Breezy was born with the Good and Athletic traits, and Misty also gained Athletic, but partnered with Unlucky, an unusual combination!

Promise & Harmony aged into teenagers the day after the new babies were born. Promise rolled 'Savvy Sculptor', whilst Harmony became Excitable.

Promise as a teen - being so good looking, she had a lot of admirers!

Harmony as a teen, definitely not as good looking as her twin, but equally as lovely, she became a very caring sim who loved helping out.

With three teens in the house, Amelia got a lot of help with the new babies, and soon they were toddlers
Breezy as a toddler
Younger twin, Misty

Teaching the twins their life skills was easier this time round - years of experience definitely helped Amelia!

Cherish, Promise & Harmony were besotted with the new toddlers and loved to teach them, talk to them and play with them

With all the help she was getting, Amelia now had more time to go out and socialise than she had in a long time! She noticed a new family had moved in across the street and quickly made friends with them. They were three sisters, and Amelia fell head over heels for the oldest sister, Lana Croft. Their relationship quickly developed and soon she was besotted.

When she heard the lullaby sounds, Amelia realised that this was probably going to be her last pregnancy. She was only a few days away from becoming an elder, and with this in mind, she began to think about settling down. She developed a new want - marriage! Should she make Lana 'the one'? 

Still without a son, she wondered if it was her destiny just to bring beautiful girls into the world! With this (probably!) her last pregnancy and her new found desire to settle down, Amelia had a lot of thinking to do before the next birth

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