Sunday, 29 April 2012

Chapter 1.4

Amelia always bloomed while pregnant, and this time was no exception. With Lana sticking around she was happier than ever, and she was so looking forward to giving birth – having a huge family was all she ever wanted, and after having a little inheritance, life was a bit easier for them at the moment. Soon enough, the labour pains started  and Lana and the girls were there to welcome another set of twins – after a long labour another girl, True, was born, rolling both the Brave and Genius traits and a couple of minutes later, the first male of the Prentiss family came into the world – Maverick gained the Loner and Virtuoso traits.
 Everyone watched in anticipation of the new babies!

 Finally 6th girl, True, and baby boy number 1, Maverick, were born!

Just after the newest twins were fed, snuggled and put to bed for the first time, Misty & Breezy aged up –
 Misty - the more outdoorsy of the twins, gained the Clumsy trait as a child
 Breezy added Eccentric to her Good and Athletic traits

They were very close, and were always playing or doing homework together, and Amelia was so pleased they were such good kids.

With such a large family there were a lot of gatherings, and the family had a fantastic day when Cherish graduated.

Cherish carrying True to graduation

All the family attended and the teenagers loved showing off their cute new siblings! Here Cherish is holding True, Harmony has Maverick and Promise, ever the show-off, is dressed to impress!!

After graduation, Cherish decided she wanted to move out to give everyone more room and to work on her lifetime wish of having as many animals as possible! She figured that after helping Mum with so many siblings, she would make easy money by opening a daycare while she saved up to rescue all the animals she could.

Promise had begun spending a lot of time with Lara Croft, an incredibly beautiful firefighter who had recently moved into the area. Before long, she was telling Amelia how much she loved Lara. Her feelings were reciprocated and,  even though Lara was significantly older than Promise, Amelia gave the relationship her blessing and Promise and Lara began to go steady. She was happier than she had ever been.

Amelia had just waved Cherish off to start her new life in her fancy condo on the banks of the beautiful great lake, with her promising to always be around, and swearing her little sisters (and now brother!) could come and stay any time. The house seemed empty that night, because although there were children in the house, Cherish had become like a best friend to Amelia. The very next morning, however, her sadness was replaced with the briefest hint of relief – Lana had stayed the night and that morning some very unexpected lullaby sounds were heard! Being on the brink of elderhood this final pregnancy was certainly not planned , but Amelia knew instinctively  that she would love this new baby just as much as she had all her children. 

Looking after Maverick and True, making sure Harmony & Promise stuck to their curfews and did well in school and helping Breezy & Misty with their homework every night whilst pregnant was definitely not easy, but for Amelia, it was her dream come true. Who knew what new trials and tribulations would come when she next gave birth? This time though, Amelia knew this was definitely her last pregnancy!

A/N – I had risky woohoo on, but wasn’t paying attention to what Amelia was doing – the lullaby sounds soon alerted me! I was definitely not planning another baby one day away from her ageing up but, hey ho! It looks like True might not be the next founder after all!

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