Sunday, 29 April 2012

Chapter 1.5

As Amelia broke the news that she was pregnant again, Cherish had her own little announcement to make – she was engaged to Benni Hennessy!

Amelia hoped it wouldn’t be long before she had someone to call her Granny!

Meanwhile, twins True and Maverick aged up to toddlers. Lana’s genetics must be very strong – both twins inherited her bright blue hair and stunning eyes

True was a very pretty little girl with a lovely sweet nature

Maverick must have felt like an outsider as the only boy – he aged up with a distinctly feminine haircut!

Amelia found her pregnancy tiring this time and she gave birth again, for the very last time, just one day before ageing up to elder – another set of twins graced the Prentiss household  - first another boy to befriend Maverick, little Stone was born. He rolled Good and Perceptive. A few minutes later his younger twin sister, and the last baby to be born to Amelia, Liberty arrived. Her traits were Excitable and Virtuoso.
The day after their birth, Amelia became an elder.

It was a time of great change, as shortly afterwards Breezy and Misty grew up. Teenagers now, they each gained another trait – Misty becoming a genius and Breezy confirming her Love of the Outdoors.

It seemed Amelia had a knack for producing stunning daughters – Breezy turned out to be one of the best looking born-in-game Sims I’ve ever had!

Great balls of fire - 

Promise and Breezy fight fire - in fact this was the third fire in three days, cooking doesn't come naturally to these girls! 

With her last pregnancy over, Amelia decided she wanted a partner for her twilight years and finally popped the question – Lana said yes and they threw a big party to celebrate!

The blonde guy is actually Breezy & Misty's half-brother, Tavares. There aren't many people in town left who aren't in some way related to this family now!

Stone and Liberty aged up the day of the party - 

These twins also inherited Lana's blue hair and eyes, having four toddlers with insanely blue hair certainly turns heads!

Amelia is finding teaching and looking after four toddlers very hard now she is an elder, but she is still enjoying every minute of it. As the last twins became toddlers she had the happy news that her first-born, Cherish, and wife Benni just welcomed their first son into this mad family - Joaquin Hennessy is officially Amelia's first grandchild!

A/N - I know for the challenge you should use a different second parent for each birth, but the last pregnancy was a total shock and accident, therefore I am bending the rules because I couldn't do anything about it! I'm still playing the same, no help with the babies, no jobs and no cheats. Accidents happen I guess! :D

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