Sunday, 29 April 2012

Chapter 1.5

As Amelia broke the news that she was pregnant again, Cherish had her own little announcement to make – she was engaged to Benni Hennessy!

Amelia hoped it wouldn’t be long before she had someone to call her Granny!

Meanwhile, twins True and Maverick aged up to toddlers. Lana’s genetics must be very strong – both twins inherited her bright blue hair and stunning eyes

True was a very pretty little girl with a lovely sweet nature

Maverick must have felt like an outsider as the only boy – he aged up with a distinctly feminine haircut!

Amelia found her pregnancy tiring this time and she gave birth again, for the very last time, just one day before ageing up to elder – another set of twins graced the Prentiss household  - first another boy to befriend Maverick, little Stone was born. He rolled Good and Perceptive. A few minutes later his younger twin sister, and the last baby to be born to Amelia, Liberty arrived. Her traits were Excitable and Virtuoso.
The day after their birth, Amelia became an elder.

It was a time of great change, as shortly afterwards Breezy and Misty grew up. Teenagers now, they each gained another trait – Misty becoming a genius and Breezy confirming her Love of the Outdoors.

It seemed Amelia had a knack for producing stunning daughters – Breezy turned out to be one of the best looking born-in-game Sims I’ve ever had!

Great balls of fire - 

Promise and Breezy fight fire - in fact this was the third fire in three days, cooking doesn't come naturally to these girls! 

With her last pregnancy over, Amelia decided she wanted a partner for her twilight years and finally popped the question – Lana said yes and they threw a big party to celebrate!

The blonde guy is actually Breezy & Misty's half-brother, Tavares. There aren't many people in town left who aren't in some way related to this family now!

Stone and Liberty aged up the day of the party - 

These twins also inherited Lana's blue hair and eyes, having four toddlers with insanely blue hair certainly turns heads!

Amelia is finding teaching and looking after four toddlers very hard now she is an elder, but she is still enjoying every minute of it. As the last twins became toddlers she had the happy news that her first-born, Cherish, and wife Benni just welcomed their first son into this mad family - Joaquin Hennessy is officially Amelia's first grandchild!

A/N - I know for the challenge you should use a different second parent for each birth, but the last pregnancy was a total shock and accident, therefore I am bending the rules because I couldn't do anything about it! I'm still playing the same, no help with the babies, no jobs and no cheats. Accidents happen I guess! :D

Chapter 1.4

Amelia always bloomed while pregnant, and this time was no exception. With Lana sticking around she was happier than ever, and she was so looking forward to giving birth – having a huge family was all she ever wanted, and after having a little inheritance, life was a bit easier for them at the moment. Soon enough, the labour pains started  and Lana and the girls were there to welcome another set of twins – after a long labour another girl, True, was born, rolling both the Brave and Genius traits and a couple of minutes later, the first male of the Prentiss family came into the world – Maverick gained the Loner and Virtuoso traits.
 Everyone watched in anticipation of the new babies!

 Finally 6th girl, True, and baby boy number 1, Maverick, were born!

Just after the newest twins were fed, snuggled and put to bed for the first time, Misty & Breezy aged up –
 Misty - the more outdoorsy of the twins, gained the Clumsy trait as a child
 Breezy added Eccentric to her Good and Athletic traits

They were very close, and were always playing or doing homework together, and Amelia was so pleased they were such good kids.

With such a large family there were a lot of gatherings, and the family had a fantastic day when Cherish graduated.

Cherish carrying True to graduation

All the family attended and the teenagers loved showing off their cute new siblings! Here Cherish is holding True, Harmony has Maverick and Promise, ever the show-off, is dressed to impress!!

After graduation, Cherish decided she wanted to move out to give everyone more room and to work on her lifetime wish of having as many animals as possible! She figured that after helping Mum with so many siblings, she would make easy money by opening a daycare while she saved up to rescue all the animals she could.

Promise had begun spending a lot of time with Lara Croft, an incredibly beautiful firefighter who had recently moved into the area. Before long, she was telling Amelia how much she loved Lara. Her feelings were reciprocated and,  even though Lara was significantly older than Promise, Amelia gave the relationship her blessing and Promise and Lara began to go steady. She was happier than she had ever been.

Amelia had just waved Cherish off to start her new life in her fancy condo on the banks of the beautiful great lake, with her promising to always be around, and swearing her little sisters (and now brother!) could come and stay any time. The house seemed empty that night, because although there were children in the house, Cherish had become like a best friend to Amelia. The very next morning, however, her sadness was replaced with the briefest hint of relief – Lana had stayed the night and that morning some very unexpected lullaby sounds were heard! Being on the brink of elderhood this final pregnancy was certainly not planned , but Amelia knew instinctively  that she would love this new baby just as much as she had all her children. 

Looking after Maverick and True, making sure Harmony & Promise stuck to their curfews and did well in school and helping Breezy & Misty with their homework every night whilst pregnant was definitely not easy, but for Amelia, it was her dream come true. Who knew what new trials and tribulations would come when she next gave birth? This time though, Amelia knew this was definitely her last pregnancy!

A/N – I had risky woohoo on, but wasn’t paying attention to what Amelia was doing – the lullaby sounds soon alerted me! I was definitely not planning another baby one day away from her ageing up but, hey ho! It looks like True might not be the next founder after all!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Chapter 1.3

Cherish grew into a lovely teenager, always helping her Mum out with the housework and looking after the girls, and being pregnant again Amelia definitely needed the help! 

Both Harmony & Promise were very good students, and all three of the girls seemed to have inherited Amelia’s brains.
Promise & Harmony at the library - both were honour roll students!
Everyone panic!!! Cherish had a few accidents whilst learning to cook

Cherish came home from school one day to find a very heavily pregnant Amelia slaving over her latest painting, trying to earn enough money to extend the house for the impending birth. “Mum, I’ve been thinking”, she said, “I’ve got to get a part time job to help out; there are already 3 of us and who knows how many babies you’ll have next!” Amelia was very touched by this, and the next day they sat down together & found Cherish a perfect job – a bookseller in the local store. With a bit more money coming in, Amelia decided to take it easy for the last day of her pregnancy – a good thing too, as later that night she went into labour. 

The girls waited eagerly for news of their new sibling and were ecstatic when Amelia announced that there were actually 2 new arrivals – 2 more girls named Breezy and Misty! Breezy was born with the Good and Athletic traits, and Misty also gained Athletic, but partnered with Unlucky, an unusual combination!

Promise & Harmony aged into teenagers the day after the new babies were born. Promise rolled 'Savvy Sculptor', whilst Harmony became Excitable.

Promise as a teen - being so good looking, she had a lot of admirers!

Harmony as a teen, definitely not as good looking as her twin, but equally as lovely, she became a very caring sim who loved helping out.

With three teens in the house, Amelia got a lot of help with the new babies, and soon they were toddlers
Breezy as a toddler
Younger twin, Misty

Teaching the twins their life skills was easier this time round - years of experience definitely helped Amelia!

Cherish, Promise & Harmony were besotted with the new toddlers and loved to teach them, talk to them and play with them

With all the help she was getting, Amelia now had more time to go out and socialise than she had in a long time! She noticed a new family had moved in across the street and quickly made friends with them. They were three sisters, and Amelia fell head over heels for the oldest sister, Lana Croft. Their relationship quickly developed and soon she was besotted.

When she heard the lullaby sounds, Amelia realised that this was probably going to be her last pregnancy. She was only a few days away from becoming an elder, and with this in mind, she began to think about settling down. She developed a new want - marriage! Should she make Lana 'the one'? 

Still without a son, she wondered if it was her destiny just to bring beautiful girls into the world! With this (probably!) her last pregnancy and her new found desire to settle down, Amelia had a lot of thinking to do before the next birth

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Chapter 1.2

As Cherish turned into a toddler, Amelia began to spend time at the library, studying and reading to her. It was here that she met Valleri Chanda and they struck up a great friendship. Things soon progressed and Valleri stayed the night. Yet again Amelia became pregnant on the first try!

As the only adult in the house, she got very good at DIY!
Pregnant and plumbing!

Cherish aged up, gaining the Dramatic trait, which should come out a lot in a household like hers! and shortly after, Amelia gave birth to her first set of twins: girls Promise & Harmony. Harmony was born with the Excitable and Friendly traits, whilst Promise inherited her Mum’s Artistic nature, along with the Brave trait.
 Cherish - pretty in pink, just like Mum!
Little Promise, oldest twin by 2 minutes
Harmony has Amelia's green eyes & Valleri's dark skin, a lovely combination!

Teaching twins their life skills was no mean feat!

Amelia managed to juggle painting, helping Cherish onto the honour roll
and teaching the twins everything and soon they aged up happy and healthy, each gaining a trait – Harmony inherited the Good trait and Promise the Photographer’s Eye.
Harmony becoming a happy child
Promise ageing up too, she looks more like Amelia than her twin Harmony does

Cherish became a real animal lover, always taking the fabulous huntress and her best friend, Lollypop out on walks
And as her sisters grew to children, Cherish too aged up into a teenager, gaining the light sleeper trait which may prove difficult with all the babies yet to come!

Amelia’s friends were round a lot during the twins’ early years and one in particular, Juanita Blanco, made an impression. Good looking and friendly, she took a shine to Amelia and soon enough, those tinkling lullaby sounds were heard. With Cherish now a teenager and Harmony & Promise children, will Amelia cope with this pregnancy as well as the previous two? How many babies will it be this time? And will Amelia ever get a son?!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Chapter 1.1

This is my founder, Amelia Prentiss. I created her to look attractive but tough, she has tattoos and isn't a typical 'Mumsy' sim! I also wanted her less extreme and outlandish than the sims I usually play.

Amelia's traits are: Family Oriented, Artistic, Nurturing, Flirty and Lucky

I built a house for her to start off in, because it cost less, I could make it how I wanted (lack of money permitting, of course!) and it is easier to expand once the babies come!

The first people Amelia met were her neighbours, the Marshall's. She hit it off right away with Kim Marshall, and soon got the marriage want (sorry Amelia!), however I think she was happy enough to pick Kim as the first co-parent of her babies

One try was all it took to hear the magical music.....

Morning sickness, great way to start!

Amelia decided to adopt a dog from the shelter before the new baby came, so they would have time to bond! So along came Lollypop -

She proved her weight in gold; the first time she came back from hunting she brought a gem worth $600 - a fortune when Amelia spent almost her whole budget on the house and is only making about $50 per painting!

Making money whilst pregnant with the first little one!

After a pregnancy spent painting and dog training, Amelia welcomed little Cherish into the world. They may be financially poor, but Cherish will be rich in love - Amelia found out that she is a wonderful mother!

Teaching Cherish to talk

Reading her to sleep!

Cherish rolled Artistic & Perceptive

I promise better pictures in the next chapter :)