Thursday, 29 March 2012

Chapter 1.2

As Cherish turned into a toddler, Amelia began to spend time at the library, studying and reading to her. It was here that she met Valleri Chanda and they struck up a great friendship. Things soon progressed and Valleri stayed the night. Yet again Amelia became pregnant on the first try!

As the only adult in the house, she got very good at DIY!
Pregnant and plumbing!

Cherish aged up, gaining the Dramatic trait, which should come out a lot in a household like hers! and shortly after, Amelia gave birth to her first set of twins: girls Promise & Harmony. Harmony was born with the Excitable and Friendly traits, whilst Promise inherited her Mum’s Artistic nature, along with the Brave trait.
 Cherish - pretty in pink, just like Mum!
Little Promise, oldest twin by 2 minutes
Harmony has Amelia's green eyes & Valleri's dark skin, a lovely combination!

Teaching twins their life skills was no mean feat!

Amelia managed to juggle painting, helping Cherish onto the honour roll
and teaching the twins everything and soon they aged up happy and healthy, each gaining a trait – Harmony inherited the Good trait and Promise the Photographer’s Eye.
Harmony becoming a happy child
Promise ageing up too, she looks more like Amelia than her twin Harmony does

Cherish became a real animal lover, always taking the fabulous huntress and her best friend, Lollypop out on walks
And as her sisters grew to children, Cherish too aged up into a teenager, gaining the light sleeper trait which may prove difficult with all the babies yet to come!

Amelia’s friends were round a lot during the twins’ early years and one in particular, Juanita Blanco, made an impression. Good looking and friendly, she took a shine to Amelia and soon enough, those tinkling lullaby sounds were heard. With Cherish now a teenager and Harmony & Promise children, will Amelia cope with this pregnancy as well as the previous two? How many babies will it be this time? And will Amelia ever get a son?!

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