Tuesday, 27 March 2012

100 Baby Challenge: The Rules

I am participating in the 100 baby challenge from Amiisay at  ModTheSims  The rules are:

My founder, Amelia Prentiss, must have as many babies with as many different partners as she can. She cannot get a job or marry any of her partners, and must not receieve any external help to bring up the babies.

I chose her traits. They are:
- Family Oriented
- Artistic
- Nurturing
- Flirty
- Lucky

However, I must roll to randomise all of the babies' traits. I am not ageing any of the babies up early at any stage, and will either keep Amelia in the house for her whole life or until she becomes an Elder. Also, I always play my female sims gay, therefore will be using WooHooer to allow same-sex pregnancy. No cheats can be used (WooHooer doesn't count as a cheat), and the last born girl of the founder will continue the challenge.

I'll be using Mom's Who Think's 'Baby Names That Make You Feel Weird!' and a random number generator for the names, just so they sound interesting!

With that said, let's get on with things! It won't be easy, but I do enjoy a real challenge!

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