Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Chapter 1.1

This is my founder, Amelia Prentiss. I created her to look attractive but tough, she has tattoos and isn't a typical 'Mumsy' sim! I also wanted her less extreme and outlandish than the sims I usually play.

Amelia's traits are: Family Oriented, Artistic, Nurturing, Flirty and Lucky

I built a house for her to start off in, because it cost less, I could make it how I wanted (lack of money permitting, of course!) and it is easier to expand once the babies come!

The first people Amelia met were her neighbours, the Marshall's. She hit it off right away with Kim Marshall, and soon got the marriage want (sorry Amelia!), however I think she was happy enough to pick Kim as the first co-parent of her babies

One try was all it took to hear the magical music.....

Morning sickness, great way to start!

Amelia decided to adopt a dog from the shelter before the new baby came, so they would have time to bond! So along came Lollypop -

She proved her weight in gold; the first time she came back from hunting she brought a gem worth $600 - a fortune when Amelia spent almost her whole budget on the house and is only making about $50 per painting!

Making money whilst pregnant with the first little one!

After a pregnancy spent painting and dog training, Amelia welcomed little Cherish into the world. They may be financially poor, but Cherish will be rich in love - Amelia found out that she is a wonderful mother!

Teaching Cherish to talk

Reading her to sleep!

Cherish rolled Artistic & Perceptive

I promise better pictures in the next chapter :)

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